Here are a few of the photographs featured in the book. You can click on the slideshow in the upper left or click on any image below to enlarge it.
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Spirit of the Ride: the photographs
Sunrise feeding at the Breeding Farm in Packenham, Ontario.
The Charge, the highlight of the Musical Ride.
The Sunset Ceremony, just before the Maple Leaf is lowered.
Horses splash through the creek at the Breeding Farm in Pakenham, Ontario.
A foal and its mother run in a field at Pakenham.
Windows on her soul. Golden Jubilee was a gift from the Queen in 2002.
Sewing on a button at the last minute. A rider readies for the the Musical Ride.
A quick shave before the Musical Ride.
Constable Monique Cooper: a life-long lover of horses and a passionate RCMP officer.
Sergeant Len Klimpke and Kappa enjoyed a remarkably deep bond.
Perfectly in step, two riders during the final moments of the Sunset Ceremony.
Canada Day, Parliament Hill. The Musical Ride in traditional Dome formation.
Lances at the RCMP Musical Ride Centre, Ottawa–4 kg each with pennants.
Framed by the Bridal Arch, Sergeant Marc Godard at the CNE grounds in Toronto.
The Musical Ride makes an impression on people of all ages.
Young fans watch as the riders perform the Lance Drill.
The Queen presents Golden Jubilee, 2002, Rockcliffe Stables, Ottawa.
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