“Dr. Joel Walker, a photographer and psychiatrist, uses his photographic images, not words, to convey his perceptions of the human psyche and reality. His images invite us into a transcendental dimension in which something is in the process of change, a separation where the body is left behind and the spirit ascends. Take time to study these cosmological images that take us forward to the past, as we may indeed never die.”
—Richard Zakia, Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology, author of Perception and Imaging:
Photography—A Way of Seeing
We May Never Die is an interactive exhibit showcasing 18 images that blend photography and therapy. After an opening in Mexico in 1996, the exhibit toured to Czechoslovakia, Canada, and back again to Mexico.
Each image is presented with an introductory panel and testimonial boards. Participants — often doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals and patients in a hospital setting — are asked to select the image that touches them most deeply and record their feelings on a response card. The images have a profound effect, regardless of the viewer’s cultural background. They offer a vehicle for people to reflect on their thoughts and feelings about life, death, the spirit and afterlife. They enhance self-awareness, overcome resistance and help people to face their mortality.
“In recent decades, the extraordinary visions experienced by people facing near-death situations have attracted the attention of researchers as well as lay audiences worldwide. Joel Walker’s interactive exhibit We May Never Die is a powerful attempt to capture these glimpses of the Beyond.”
 —Stanislav Grof, M.D., psychiatrist, author of
Beyond Death and The Human Encounter with Death
we may never die
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